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Sydney Painters In Glenhaven not only provide high-class painting services, they also help protect your valuable property. Did you know that the right paint product can reduce the harmful effects on your property caused by adverse weather conditions, mildew and insects? After all, painting is one of the best ways to maintain your property.

What Sydney Painters in Glenhaven Says about Paint Finishes

Sydney Painters in Glenhaven are experienced, qualified professional painters

Professionals understand paint products and how they react on different surfaces. They instinctively know what preparation work will need to be done before painting even begins, and how to do it. They know what tools will be needed. They know how much paint will be needed. So, when it’s time to give your home or business premises a makeover, it makes sense to turn to the professionals.

Professional Painting Glenhaven Services:

With so much expertise at our fingertips, Sydney Painters Glenhaven proudly boast a premium range of painting services. Our services start with basic preparation services like repairing and repainting cracks and graffiti removal.

When it comes to painting, we offer high quality residential and commercial painting, including both interior and exterior services. For the exterior, we specialise in spray painting, timber painting and protection, painting on rendered surfaces and much more. If you’re planning a renovation, we provide full restoration painting and staining, as well as complete colour and design solutions. Our top of the range service is our Level 5 finish. This is often specified by architects and interior designers.

Sydney Painters has had the pleasure of injecting new life into many of the new developments and housing renovations. With such a vast range of experience in the area, our Glenhaven team can offer professional hints and tips on how to choose the best paint finishes.

Expert Tips:

1) When you need to hide major wall imperfections like patches or joins or uneven textures, flat paint is the most forgiving finish. Flat paint finishes absorb light, hence making imperfections seem less noticeable.

2) Eggshell or satin paint finishes are also known as low-luster. They look matter from straight on, but when you look at them on an angle, they have a slight sheen. The sheen may show slight imperfections on an old surface, however, these finishes are longer-lasting and easier to clean.

3) A semi-gloss or high gloss finish can look amazing as they reflect a lot of light. They’re also very durable and very easy to clean. When choosing a gloss finish, it’s important that the surface has been properly prepared to eliminate imperfections. It’s also important that the paint is applied evenly to avoid streaks.

When you need some help and advice for your next painting project, call Sydney painters Glenhaven on 0400 045 667.